On november 16th Sirocco released their first album - the music on this debut draws inspiration from a diverse array of musical styles and global traditions, combining the emotional complexity of a jazz approach with the visceral experience of afrobeat, funk, reggae & latin rhythms and grooves.

Sirocco is a dynamic afrobeat/jazz band based in Rotterdam, where 10 musicians from different corners of europe - led by composer Ko Kunst and tenor saxophonist Max van Houtum - came together to blend a diverse range global styles and traditions resulting in a powerful rhythmic sound. Their lineup boasts four horns, a 5-man rhythm section and an MC that makes every corner of the dancefloor move. Being new on the scene, Sirocco has already made waves with a series of local performances that have turned many a dancefloor upside down and audiences spellbound.

The compositions draw inspiration from different styles across the world, combining styles like jazz and funk with 70's afrobeat, reggae and afrocuban rhythms. At its core, Sirocco's mission is to bring people together, combining danceable energetic rhythms to engage the body and the emotional depth of the Jazz paradigm to engage the ear and mind. Get swept off your feet by the irresistible musical storm of Sirocco, where global winds and drums unite to create a dance-floor revolution!

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Date Event
07-07-'24 Metropolis Festival - Zuiderpark Rotterdam
13-07-'24 North Sea Jazz - Ahoy Rotterdam
14-07-'24 Big Rivers Festival - Dordrecht
20-06-'24 Eendrachtsfestival Pre-Party - Rotown Rotterdam
26-04-'24 Jungle Boogie Night / Koningsnacht - Rebel Rebel - Dordrecht
07-03-'24 Panoramique - NAR Utrecht
12-02-'24 Erasmus Price Semifinals - WMDC
31-01-'24 Yellowhouse Rotterdam
16-11-'23 Releaseparty - Time is the New Space Rotterdam
13-10-'23 Sirocco - Dizzy Rotterdam
23-05-'23 De Nieuwe Lichting - Biergarten Rotterdam
08-03-'23 Night Out in West Africa - Grounds Rotterdam

You can now get their hands on a limited run of Sirocco's debut album on CD - three different series of hand-made and numbered pieces of music history. For those lucky enough to secure a copy, prepare to be swept off your feet by their unique fusion of rhythms.

Additionally, a collection of merchandise is now available - all these exciting items are available for purchase at the gothboienforcer.shop webstore. All clothing is made in-house with ethically sourced materials. Hurry and grab your slice of Sirocco's debut album before stock runs out!